At Southern California Community Press we are passionate about Public Relations and how it influences purchasing decisions while creating a deeper understanding of your products and/or services with your target audiences.

We are results-focused and get to understand the issues within your sector, providing publicity, media relations and broader PR support. We utilize traditional printed media including fliers, post-cards. newspapers, magazines, radio and television; online and social media services such as PR-Wire, facebook and Twitter; as well as face to face interactions when needed.

We concentrate on recommending the most effective strategies to achieve results and help meet your objectives. Most advertising companies will tell you why their particular media is superior. Consider this, would a newspaper tell you your money is better spent on radio for what you are trying to accomplish? Of course not! That is why we are here! We help you plan your media exposure to maximize your results instead of just taking your money and running an ad.

We understand how integrated campaigns work best. By working with your in-house team, we ensure publicity is supporting all efforts; we review all outward messages to look for consistency among all your marketing activities. Nothing can shrink your ROI faster than spending money to accidentally confuse your potential customers.

Good public relations is much more that getting media coverage. It is about targeting the people you wish to communicate with in the most appropriate way. Good public relations is about identifying the key decision makers who have the need, and authority to utilize your products and services. You might be surprised why your current customers value you. To do good public relations, you must listening to what they have to say to you; seminars, round table discussions, conferences, focus groups, trade shows or community events are excellent ways to gain valuable customer knowledge.